June 2003

Thursday 26 June 2003

Books received...

Hier à Paris, la manif de ceux qui veulent travailler

java.net: amusing misbehaving

Juste fais-le

Wednesday 25 June 2003

New layout soon

Tuesday 24 June 2003

Stop those clichés please

Fiscal Pressure (3rd)

Sans titre

Saturday 21 June 2003


Monday 16 June 2003

Current projects that will never go beyond some thoughts

Saturday 14 June 2003

Remove this flash out of my sight

Friday 13 June 2003

Another reboot

Thursday 12 June 2003

XML only with RDF?

Wednesday 11 June 2003

Tenkû no Shiro Laputa (Castle In The Sky) in theaters soon

Comments on "What's New in Visual Studio .NET 2003"

Les limites de l'expression publique

Sans titre

Tuesday 10 June 2003

Blogging industrialization: the race

Raining Day

Monday 9 June 2003

Flowchart program?

Friday 6 June 2003

Are JSP worth the pain ?

Wednesday 4 June 2003

Dangling locks

Days like this, I want to throw windows through the window

Time to format... soon...

Cleaning windows...

Counter-productivity has a name