Talend Horrible Store

At Talend, they like acronyms; for instance they never say Talend Open Studio but instead, TOS. So let's speak about THS. You are welcomed by:

Welcome to Talend Store, the location for the online purchase of all Talend solutions. [...] Select a solution below to view its detail and price.

So, let's have a look:

Technical support, Product Training, Talend for SugarCRM
Professional Services
Starting from the "Talend Expert Program", no more prices (4 items over 6), not even a quotation overview.
Talend On Demand
You can sign up "for FREE" even with a monthly payment... but without a price, "for FREE".
Talend Integration Suite
You can inquire for product training, which is not in the "Product Training" section of course, but no price at all, neither for the product, nor for the training.

Basically, you can buy being fully informed: technical support, basic training, an extension, and 2 items over 6 for "Professional Services". What you can't buy being fully informed (starting from the price): a way to do teamwork (TOD or TIS is required), that is... to work in a professional way.


1. Le mardi 22 janvier 2008, 03:37 par ocarbone

I'm working on Talend and I'm surprised by your presentation of our store.
Professional Services: Several services don't indicate a price but only display an inquire form. When you post this form, our Business Departement organizes a meeting with you and defines the exact price in function of your project.
Talend On Demand: This service (or TIS) is needed to do teamwork. It's FREE for 2 users and if your team is more important, you must buy additional users. You can consult the price on the website, after have posted the form.
Talend Integration Suite:

For the moment, Talend don't include in the basic training a TIS training. Talend organizes specific sessions in function of the customers project. In the futur, a general training on TIS will be included on the training catalog.
For more information, please contact sales@talend.com

2. Le mardi 22 janvier 2008, 03:40 par ocarbone

Why my comment is aways marked as spam ??

3. Le mardi 22 janvier 2008, 05:12 par Damien B

> Why my comment is aways marked as spam ??
I don't know. Part of the JRoller spam filter is global throughout the blogs. You must have been mean in the past :-)
> For more information, please contact

> sales@talend.com
I don't want more information, I would like the pricing where it should be: right on the store page, where it's promised to be ("Select a solution below to view its detail and price.") I agree that for some of the services, price must be negociated. But really, for TIS, this is a product, not a service, there is no reason for hiding the price behind a registration wall.