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mark ongle de pouce

The document at: [...] validates as XHTML 1.1 plus MathML 2.0.

I made the appropriate changes for the doctype and the content-type to convert to being a HTML 5 document. [...] I get 2 types of repeating errors [...] I have no idea what the second error is complaining about.

I need an HTML 5 language lawyer to explain what is wrong and how to fix these errors.

Pauvre hère, il a cru les bobards comme quoi HTML 5 était compatible avec XHTML !

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mark ongle de pouce

Not to seem ungrateful, but we're going on four years later and this still has not been fixed as of 1.1.7.

Tiens, on a trouvé pire que Firefox et ses bugs sur la gestion de table-layout:fixed ou de border-collapse:collapse.

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