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mark ongle de pouce

Most CPUs contain a "master flag" for interrupts: they will only be handled by the CPU if this flag is enabled. The Z80 in the GameBoy is no exception, but there are additional registers that deal with the individual interrupts available in the GameBoy.

J'avais oublié que c'était un Z80 dans la GB ^^;

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mark ongle de pouce

“This number could have easily been much higher, if we wanted to let in every song.

But we realize record companies do a great service.

They edit!

Did you know that if you and I record a song, for $40 we can pay a few of the services to get it on their site, through some intermediaries?

We can be on Rhapsody and all these other guys for $40?

Well we don't want to let that stuff on our site!

So we've had to edit it.

And these are 400,000 quality songs.”

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