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mark ongle de pouce

And as for “free”, I think we’re going to have a few rounds of root beers over whether a place, like Google, that browses through your e-mail via robots and uses it to generate statistically relevant advertisements on your page, or places like Flickr that do in fact have advertisements for seeing your content and charge you on top of that for additional features, or places like Ustream that have profit-sharing and used to do indirect advertisement but now overlay ads on your content, are “free”. Some people confuse “no money down” with free and that’s why they’re getting fucking kicked out of their houses, finding themselves at the mercy and procedures of actual eviction law.

Peu de choses sont réellement gratuites, et même quand elles semblent l'être, votre propriété est en réalité très limitée.

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1. On Sunday 11 January 2009, 06:08 by IRA

bien dit, Monsieur Damien ... très limitée ...
juste comme la vie et la liberté


2. On Monday 12 January 2009, 23:35 by IRA

Did I really write that last comment ??
I don't even remember. Uh-oh.
merde, why can't Doctor Sloan go out with Little Grey if he wants to ? wtf does it matter to that *****, Meredith !!!!!!

3. On Tuesday 13 January 2009, 02:01 by Damien B

Le début d'année est apparemment difficile. C'est la crise.

4. On Tuesday 13 January 2009, 16:14 by IRA

I am so happy !!
I drew the wizard out from behind his curtain.

crise ? quelle crise ?!?!
cette animation (créée en plein dépression des années trente) a de remarquables tournures comiques --> la tête et le chapeau d'une tortue. Regarde stp. Ouai, c'est longue, mais cela vaut la peine, je crois.!!

5. On Tuesday 13 January 2009, 16:45 by IRA

I landed the triple E in creeeeeeeeee
and then slipped on the single E in pleinE depression,
C'est du verglas partout sur le net. :-)

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